We are an Arab Palestinian institution that is growing in many media fields. Our outstanding work is valued by the best Arab and International specialists.

Visual Production

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Press & News

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Advertising Services

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Printing Services

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Our work depends on creating ideas and employing them to serve the image of the company and its clients in a way that reflects its full potential

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Filming Department

This unit includes award winning cameramen, filming and lighting experts, and directors who are specialized in filming movies and programs.

Montage Department

The department has (Final Cut Pro) units and (Nonlinear) which are considered the best worldwide.

Graphics Department

This department is specialized in creating 3D images using (Maya 3D, Max, and After Effect).

Sound & Music Department

This department includes an audio studio which has unique and modern audio equipment for voice and sound recording.

Preparation Department

Here is where the summarizing of ideas happens, and where the content of programs and films is prepared by a team of professionals

Directing Department

We specialize in creating an artistic final vision of the company’s mission in accordance with the company’s principals and its media strategies.

Broadcasting Department

Our broadcasting department is the heart of our company and the source of all live services for TV channels.
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4D Media Studios

Our Clients

We’ve worked with top global and regional media brands and TV networks

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