4D Media

We employ the best experts in the media industry and its techniques.


4D Media’s experience started based on visual production, such as film and program making.

The company has produced and is still producing many films and programs to different channels, and Arab and International institutions. Our work depends on creating ideas and employing them to serve the image of the company and its clients in a way that reflects its full potential. 4D Media also produces TV programs including talk shows and reality TV, recorded or Live. The visual production section has the following units:

Filming Department

This unit includes award winning cameramen, filming and lighting experts, and directors who are specialized in filming movies and programs. They also have great experience in using high quality systems (CCU) and digital cameras.

Montage Department

The department has (Final Cut Pro) units and (Nonlinear) which are considered the best worldwide. It includes a specialized team in montage techniques for documentary films, TV programs, talk shows and visual productions. They have acquired their experience by experiencing the best media academies and through their professional journeys, in which they worked for Arab media agencies in Dubai, which are considered the largest media agencies on the Arab level.

Graphics Department

This department is specialized in creating 3D images using (Maya 3D, Max, and After Effect). It is specialized in designing infographics for programs, and films for statistical models and maps.

Sound & Music Department

This department includes an audio studio which has unique and modern audio equipment for voice and sound recording. It includes providing music tracks for films and programs in cooperation with musicians and composers.

Preparation Department

Here is where the summarizing of ideas happens, and where the content of programs and films is prepared by a team of professionals that took part in Arab and international media festivals.

Directing Department

We specialize in creating an artistic final vision of the company’s mission in accordance with the company’s principals and its media strategies. This department contains the best award winning directors who have a unique artistic vision.

Broadcasting Department

Our broadcasting department is the heart of our company and the source of all live services for TV channels. Live studios, Live rooftop, Live standups and even Live SNG. This department is equipped with the best technologies such as TVU, LiveU and Eviwest and gathers a team of technical engineers with several years of experience.


The company has a gallery of many filmed and photographed work in great quality of many important Arab and Israeli previous and current events. It includes a large archive of the first and second Intifada, Lebanon war, Gaza War and an important Israeli archive since the 1948 war.

Press Services

4D Media offers its press services through a team that is specialized in the required press materials. This includes news reports, interviews, and press releases. We make sure our reporters put in all their effort and experience to serve our clients such as: TV channels, magazines, newspapers, news agencies and news networks in different parts of the world.